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From Miramar to Plantation, With Love 🏠❤️

Olivo Mediterranean Cuisine extends beyond a mere restaurant; it’s a warm invitation to our local community to savor the enchantment of Palestinian cuisine. Located at 7815 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation, FL, our doors are wide open for you to experience the authentic taste of home-cooked goodness.

The Olivo Culinary Experience 🍽️

What sets us apart? It’s the culinary excellence we offer! Imagine indulging in succulent Chicken Mandy, paired with refreshing lemonades and orange juices. Don’t overlook our daily freshly baked pita bread – a culinary masterpiece crafted from scratch. At Olivo, each dish is a testament to our commitment to freshness and authenticity, presented without unnecessary embellishments. Our key ingredients? Passion and authenticity.

Proudly Palestine, Freshly Crafted 🇵🇸

We proudly embrace our identity – Olivo Mediterranean Cuisine stands tall as a bastion of Palestinian heritage. As a family-owned establishment rooted in Plantation, we transcend the role of a restaurant; we’re a central hub for the local Muslim community. Envision open buffets every night, a welcoming ambiance, and the irresistible aroma of freshly prepared Mediterranean delights – that’s the essence of Olivo.